Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Surprise meeting

I'd intended to come up to the boat tomorrow as I have a boat test on Friday -- but now I have an appointment up here tomorrow, so came up today instead. I arrived at the marina at about quarter to four, in much better weather than I was expecting (although I gather it was rather grim earlier on). Having unloaded and parked the car, I decided to head straight out. There was chaos just outside the marina entrance: tow Wyvern hire boats had stopped on the piling opposite and then noticed the no mooring signs because of the entrance and winding hole; another Wyvern boat was right behind them; and a boat was coming the other way. For the first time ever, I had to wait in the marina entrance while they sorted themselves out.

I boated along to Cosgrove, where there were plenty of moorings available. I stopped on the first stretch (although it turned out I would have been fine to go round the corner, as there was space there too). A little while later I could hear a vintage engine approaching, and then the massive bows of Chertsey appeared. I looked out the side hatch to say hello to Sarah and Jim.

I walked down the towpath, thinking I'd help Sarah and Jim down the lock, but in fact they were mooring up. We ended up sitting out on the towpath with a beer, and I also had a look at the latest improvements to Chersey's living accommodation under the cloths. The boat has a really nice feel, with vintage furniture and homely touches. It was a great hour or so, all the better for being a surprise meeting.

1 mile, 0 locks.


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