Sunday, 24 July 2016

July Works: Day 5

I'm sure everyone is dying for a solar panel update from last night, so here it is: the batteries stayed on 100 per cent until 7.30 -- so we were pretty pleased with that. Admittedly, we hadn't had much stuff turned on, just the loo fan and the fridge -- but that was working pretty hard in the heat. Once it had cooled down a bit, we spent most of the evening sitting outside in the shade; we also met and chatted to the (relatively) new owners of the Big Woolwich boat, Barnet, who borrowed a tape measure from us.

This morning was warm but not quite so sunny. We set off at around 8.15, heading across the Wolverton Aqueduct to turn around.

I turned in the wide bit just before The Galleon, and retraced our steps; it was about half an hour later when we passed our overnight mooring again. At Cosgrove lock, there was a boat using the winding hole, one on the water point, and two coming down. It seems 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning is peak time. We eventually got into the lock. There was another boat above waiting to come down, and then another arrived, slightly leaving me wondering how I was going to get out.

We were soon back in the marina and reversing into our berth. Once we were secure, we drove up to Heyford Fields to collect my car. Later, I drove to Milton Keynes to get the train to London for a late shift, and Adrian also left to go to London via a different route, ready for work in the morning. I'm spending tonight on board, before heading down to my father's in the morning, for another family funeral.

2 miles, 1 lock. (16 miles, 9 locks)


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