Friday, 22 July 2016

July Works: Day 3

Having left the boat at Heyford Fields on Monday, we returned today for the journey back. The drive up seemed quite slow this morning, and we had to do the first stage of a car shuffle too. All the work had been done well -- and the view of our roof has changed a bit, with the addition of a solar panel.

As we were leaving the mooring on the outside of the marina (which involved reversing back to the marina entrance and swinging round), the Hudson boat the Boating Leisure Services have just finished was being taken to its mooring; it went in the water this week.

From Bugbrook onwards, we were behind the disabled trip boat from Gayton. It meant it was quite a slow journey as they necessarily took every bridge quite carefully. At Gayton Junction they swung round onto the service mooring, which is presumably where the passengers get on and off.

The last couple of times we've come through Blisworth I've resisted taking a photo of the mill, but this time I gave in.

We had an uneventful trip through the tunnel, and found the moorings at Stoke Bruerne pretty empty. We stopped before the bend in a nice open spot; Kathryn happened to be walking by, so she came on board for a cup of tea, and we're all going to eat at The Navigation this evening.

The other job we had done this week was a new flue on the stove. The old one has rusted through; it wasn't really fitted very well, going straight from the stove to the ceiling collar. That meant that neither end was in straight, and there was water coming in every time it rained. The replacement is cranked, so it meets the stove and the collar square.

7 miles, 0 locks.


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