Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pre Crick: Day 1

We came up to the boat after work, Adrian a bit ahead of me so he did some shopping on the way.  I arrived about 6.15, so we thought we'd get an hour of boating in.

However, when we came to start the engine, we had a problem.  It sounded like the same one we had in March, when we called out RCR, and the engineer just jabbed the stop button a couple of times, said the solenoid had got stuck, and everything was fine.  We phoned James on Chance to see if he had any ideas of things to try -- and in true James style he even had his own engine boards up to talk us though various things.  There seemed to be no easy answer, though, so we've rung RCR again, and an engineer will come out in the morning.  We've asked if he can come first thing, as we really need to get a move on to get to Crick!

So we're I'm the marina tonight.  After dinner, Adrian spotted a tiny puppy being walked on the bank behind the boats, so we went out to say hello.  It was a little cockerpoo, eight weeks old, which our neighbours a few boats down had picked up just an hour before.  Her tail was going non stop, and she came and had a cuddle with each of us, until she had to go back home as it was getting chilly and she was shivering!

0 miles, 0 locks.

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Halfie said...

Oh dear. Hope you get it fixed in time. Your mooring is in the usual place with all the other Braidbars, about as close as you can get to the (amazingly OTT) access bridge.