Friday, 29 May 2015

Post Crick: Day 4

It's just as well we postponed today's boat test, because the weather has been awful at times.

The rain started later than originally forecast, but I looked at the Met Office radar on the website, and could see what was coming this way.  Even when the main band of rain passed, it's been a mix of sunny spells and torrential downpours.  I was so chilly this morning I gave in and lit the fire.  A few boats have been past, with plenty of wet weather gear on show.

With nothing planned to do today I was in no rush to get up.  During the morning I gave the shower cubicle a good clean, with particular attention to the grouting.  I used an old toothbrush to give it a good scrub.  This afternoon I turned my attention to the well deck.  I moved everything that's kept there out of the way, washed all the paintwork and the windows, and scrubbed the deck.  The mat had a good beating during one of the sunny spells.  During another dry interval I walked up to Cosgrove with a bag of rubbish.

The only other useful thing I've done is write the intro to tomorrow's boat test.  As it's a Crick boat I've already seen it, if only fairly briefly, but I know enough to make a start!

0 miles, 0 locks.  (65 miles, 43 locks)

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judith matthews said...

so are you testing columbus tomorrow