Sunday, 24 May 2015

Crick Show: Day 2

The day started dull and drizzly.  I met Andy at 8.30, and we looked at five widebeam boats, making 23 boats in all.  We were all done by mid morning, so We went back to Briar Rose while it rained for a short while.

Adrian and I went across to the show site to get some lunch, then had a wander round the show.  I went to collect a couple of Heron Maps, as their new Shropshire Union one has one of my photos in it.  Later in the afternoon, I went to the floating business seminar to see Andy and Helen, and Sandra and Barry.  It was very well attended, with lots of interesting questions from the audience.  Afterwards, Kath and Neil came back to the boat to have a look at our composting loo in situ, to judge how much room it takes up.

We headed back over to the show site at about 5pm, and Adrian looked at a few boats.  Later, there was the exhibitors' kayak race, where people like Jonathan Wilson and his son Lewis, Peter Mason from Braidbar, and Andy Munro from Fernwood all ended up in the water.

In the evening, we went to the beer tent to see Hazel O'Connor, who was excellent.

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Carol said...

That bought back a blast from the past Adam! Now playing ‘Will You’ on U-Tube!