Thursday, 28 May 2015

Post Crick: Day 3

It was a very early alarm call this morning, and I apologise to the people of Wolverton Park if the shower pump disturbed them just before 4.30.  I walked the two minutes to Wolverton station and got the 0501 train to London and work.  It really is very convenient.

The return train was on time and I arrived back a little after 5.30 this evening.  I know some people don't like the Wolverton moorings (and most people stop only for a brief Tesco visit), but that was the eighth time we've spent the night there, and they've all been fine.  Less than fifteen minutes after arriving at the boat, I was heading off.

Decent though the mooring are, I needed to run the engine for a bit of battery charging and hot water production, so thought I might as well combine it with some movement.  The decision was even easier as it was such a lovely evening.  Pretty much the whole journey was on tickover because of moored boats, but that didn't matter either.  My target was the long straight just after the iron trunk aqueduct.  There were plenty of spaces to choose from, it's sunny, and there's a bit of wind protection from the trees.  This is the view from the bow.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a boat test day, but the forecast is pretty dire -- heavy rain all morning, then heavy showers in the afternoon, all combined with strong winds.  Saturday looks like a much better prospect, so we've postponed until then.

1 miles, 0 locks.  (65 miles, 43 locks)

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