Monday, 16 June 2014

June weekend - Day 3

Bridge 75 is another quiet mooring.  Last evening we decided to go for a walk, so went back along the towpath to the Black Horse, and through the new housing estate, marveling at how other-worldly the whole place seemed.  We found our way back to the field which borders the canal, and a path down to the bridge.

This morning was sunny first thing but had clouded over by the time we set off at about 9.10.  When we got to Wolverton we moored up, and while Adrian did some work I popped to Tesco.  The reason we were there was that Adrian had to go to London, and getting a train from Wolverton is very easy.  Having the extra night on board also seemed much more appealing that driving home yesterday and having to get a train from there!  Later in the morning Alan Fincher arrived, single handed, on Chalice, so I helped him moor up.  Cath was due to arrive at Wolverton station, having done a car shuffle.  It really is a very convenient station.  Adrian left to get the 1137 train; he'd be in London before I was back at the marina.

I set off to take the boat back to base.  I passed Fulbourne, moored up -- if you can call it moored, as it was about five feet out from the bank!

Cosgrove Lock was about three-quarter full, and a boat was just arriving at the top.  They came down and left a gate open for me.  Once I was in the lock another boat arrived to go down, so I had a bit of help with a paddle.  On leaving the lock, it started to rain and was also pretty gusty.  But fortunately by the time I got to the marina things had calmed down, and I was able to reverse into our berth without incident.  Then it was just a matter of packing up, loading the car, and driving home.

5 miles, 1 lock.  (22 miles, 2 locks)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Fulbourne - we haven't seen them for ages - she's a deep old boat - I don't know how they moved her when she was low with cargo!

Enjoying the cruising posts - are you having a longer cruise over the Summer?

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Adam said...

Sue, we have indeed got a longer trip planned -- but telling you would spoil the fun, wouldn't it!