Monday, 2 June 2014

Heyford Fields and (almost inevitably) Cosgrove

I've worked night shifts over the weekend, and at the end of my shift this morning I drove up to the boat.  The reason was a boat test scheduled for midday at Heyford Fields Marina, just about half an hour's drive away.  It was the only day this week that both Andy the photographer and I were available.  I had enough time to heat some water, have a shower, and get changed before getting back in the car.

The weather was much better than forecast -- cloudy but with sunny spells, and warmer than predicted.

I was back at Thrupp Wharf at just after 2, and decided it was too nice to stay where I was.  I thought about heading north but eventually took the easier option of a short run down to Cosgrove.  The moorings were the busiest I'd seen them for a while, but there were still several spots to choose from.  I turned above the lock and headed back, to the first (or last) place before the bridge.

This spot is within range of  a decent BT wifi hotspot.  My phone and the laptop are happily connected, but the iPad seems to be objecting for some reason.  One of the boats moored a little further back is Piece of Pearce, which was on the Olympic Waterways cruise we did on Chance.  I had a quick chat as I passed.

A bit of land next to the Barleymow pub, which has had an all but derelict building on it ever since we've been based around here, is finally being cleared.  It was pretty noisy earlier on, but the workers knocked off a while ago.  I must try to find out what's being built there -- canalside houses, I would think.  Anything would be an improvement.

Since I've been here I've written about half the boat test, has a visit from the local swan family (the cygnets are a lot bigger than they were a few weeks ago, and seem to be down by just one to nine), and been passed by several boats including an enormous barge.

Tomorrow I'll head back into the marina first thing, as I want to do a job which will be better with shore power, and I'm due a visit from the chap who made our new cratch.

1 mile, 0 locks.

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