Sunday, 15 June 2014

June weekend - Day 2

We had a good evening last night.  We walked back up the locks at around 7pm, and the food (brought across from The Boat pub by Mike in his trip boat, Charlie) was available from about 7.30.  It was pretty good.  Adrian had a chicken curry and I had beef stroganoff, both with rice, and both very tasty.  We ate with Kathryn, although the band playing in the tent made it a bit difficult to talk.  Later we wandered along the boats moored towards the tunnel, as it was a nice evening, before returning to Briar Rose.

We saw a boat yesterday whose supposed owners name made me smile.  Anyone who knows Rochester knows that the town is famous for its Norman castle.

This morning we had a very relaxed start.  Adrian's been working very long hours recently, so it was good that he could get some really good sleep.  We had scrambled eggs on toast and set off after 9.30.

We passed our marina, and carried on to Cosgrove.  Adrian jumped off to go to the shop at the caravan park, while I headed for the lock.  Fortunately, a boat had just come up and another was going down, and they waited so I could join them.  The boats were almost ready to leave the lock when Adrian arrived back, but in time to drive the boat out.  On the water point below was the Braidbar boat, La Suvera, whose owners we know from the Braidbar group, so we had a quick chat as we passed.

We continued over the iron trunk aqueduct and through Wolverton.  At the Grafton Street Aqueduct one boat was already coming across, but then I could see another.  I've never actually passed anything on the aqueduct, although it must be wide enough, so I decided to go for it.  Of course there's plenty of room, even though it looks a bit tight.

We had lunch on the move, and carried on to the winding hole at Great Linford.  We turned there and made our way back to Bridge 75, where there's a nice quiet, open mooring.  It's a popular spot and there are quite a few boats here.  We were moored by around 2pm, so I've done a bit of cleaning and Adrian has done some work.  I keep thinking about washing the side of the boat as it's very dusty.  But so far I've got no further than thought.

12 miles, 1 lock.  (17 miles, 1 lock)

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