Saturday, 1 December 2012

Moo mini cards

Now that Briar Rose has her new livery, I've ordered some mini cards from to give out so people can find the blog.  I've used moo several times, and the results are always excellent.  You upload your own photos -- so I've made these cards match the headers on the blog.  On the back, I've added a QR code, which takes you to this blog.

If you fancy some moo cards, use the link in this post, and apparently you'll get ten per cent off your first order.  As well as these mini cards, there are business cards, greetings cards, stickers, and lots of other things.


Neil Corbett said...

Very smart. They are very good aren't they? The best bit being that every one can be different if you want. I bought some a couple of years ago for a friend who does embroidery and lacemaking and she was able to put all her own work on them.
Kath (nb Herbie)

No Direction said...

Hi Adam, thanks for the blogger advice, all sorted now.