Thursday, 27 December 2012

An arrival

The weather wasn't nearly as bad as forcast today.  There were just a few showers, some lasting a couple of minutes, the longest half an hour.  In between, the sun even shone occasionally.

This morning I put some washing on, and decided to check the batteries.  It turned out we had only a splash of top-up water left.  Only about four of the twenty-four cells needed any water, but that still required more than I had, so I jumped in the car and got some more from Halford's in Milton Keynes.

After lunch I prepared a red cabbage for braising, and put it in a pot on top of the Squirrel stove.  Adrian arrived at about 3.30 -- much later than planned, after a frustratingly slow journey.  It seems that today was the day everyone decided to return from wherever they'd been.  It was already getting dark, so we decided to stay in the marina for the night, and we'll head out for a couple of days tomorrow.

This evening we had our Christmas dinner: turkey, chipolatas, roast patatoes, carrots and parsnips, braised red cabbage and sprouts.

After all that, we thought the Christmas pudding could wait until another day;  we'll have a slice of cake instead!

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Halfie said...

Adam - we're just about to drive to MK; will get in touch when we've arrived (and had a cup of tea!) Perhaps we could meet up this evening/tomorrow morning (by other means than by boat).

(I know that this comment won't get published on your blog as this is from my stupid Mac!)