Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mist and murk

This morning was a triumph of timing.  I was down to less than a scuttle of coal, so thought I'd boat along to Baxter's to buy some.  The forecast suggested the rain would arrive between 11 and 12 -- but Baxter's doesn't open until 10 on a Saturday, so I knew there was no point in setting off before 9.30.  In the meantime I topped up the water tank, did the engine checks, and prepared the boat for cruising.

When I left it was misty but perfectly still.  Because of all the run-off from the fields, the canal was the colour of milky coffe, but there were some great reflections in the water.  The strong wind the other day has taken most of the remaining leaves off the trees, so everywhere looks rather bleak.

At Baxter's I bought three bags of Homefire, and arranged to pick up some pots of touch up paint next time we pass.  I turned in the marina entrance and headed back, hoping to beat the rain.  I was back in our berth shortly after 11.  The water level has dropped five or six inches since Friday, but with all the rain on the way it could well go back up again, so I tied with slightly slacker lines than I normally would.  Around ten minutes after I was back inside, the rain started and hasn't stopped since.

I started work on yesterday's boat test (when I've got an idea for an intro I find it's best to write it down before I forget).  This afternoon, I had a sleep for a couple of hours, because I start my night shifts tonight.  I need to pack up the boat, and head down to London shortly.

4 miles, 0 locks.

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