Monday, 24 December 2012

The icing on the cake

It started raining in the early hours, and by the time I got up it was chucking it down.  At 7.45, I was driving out of the marina towards the M1, London, and work.  There wasn't much traffic, but the visibility wasn't good, and it never seemed to get light.

I got away from work just before 7 this evening, and the roads back to the marina were surprisingly busy.  When I got back to the boat, the fire still had a bit of life in it, in spite of having no attention for more than twelve hours.  I also made the icing (beating it by hand), and put it on the cake.

My worry is that if it's not stiff enough, by the morning it will all had slid off onto the plate!

Because someone's gone sick tomorrow, I've going in to work for a much earlier shift than originally planned: I need to be there at 6.30am, which will mean getting up at about 4.30.  To see whether I get there or not, tune in to BBC 6Music for the news at 7.30 (and each subsequent hour).  If there's silence, somthing has gone wrong.


Julia and Steve said...

You made it then - I heard you at 9.30am!

nb Even Balance

Halfie said...

I beat you by four days with this post title (but I'm sure we're not the first to have been so literal). Your icing looks delightfully smooth!