Friday, 23 November 2012

Sunshine at Mercia

As if it wasn't noisy enough yesterday evening with the wind howling round the boat, once the rain started drumming on the roof if was difficult to hear yourself think.  But a couple of hours after the rain started, the wind dropped to nothing.

This morning dawned dry, clear, and bright.  I got in the car and headed up the M1 to Mercia Marina for a boat test.  It was beautifully sunny all day, and not that cold either.  It's a huge marina, but the boats are moored in small groups.  I waved at Sanity Again, although I knew Bruce and Sheila weren't there.

After lunch in the cafe, I headed back to Briar Rose.  I was almost 4pm when I got back to the marina, so almost dark.  The fire had stayed in all day, so the boat was nice and warm.  Tomorrow, I might even do a little boating.

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