Sunday, 4 November 2012

Repaint cruise - day 5

This morning was wet.  We set off at 8.45 in the rain -- but at least it was coming down vertically rather than horizontally, and there was no sign of the hail that was mentioned in the forecast.  We passed no other moving boats before arriving at Baxter's after around 45 minutes.  We tied onto the wharf and Adrian got his car which had been parked there since we picked up Briar Rose on Wednesday.  He packed and set off to see his mum.

I set off again in increasingly heavy rain.  I saw two other boats mad enough to be out in the foul weather -- one coming through the bridge just as I set off, and a Cosgrove day boat as I neared Thrupp Wharf.  As I approached the marina, the wind picked up.  I managed the turn in OK, but actually getting onto our pontoon was a challenge.  Usually, the wind blows along the jetties, so reversing in isn't a problem; today it was at right angles, meaning that by the time I had made my turn I'd been blown way past our berth.  I had to keep turning and have another go.  On the third attempt, I got into our space, and was soon tied up.  Before taking off my waterproofs, I walked up to the harbour master's boat to get a card for the electricity metre, and also spent a few minutes clearing leaves from the roof and the gunwales.  The scale of the rain we'd had was clear: this is not the canal, it's the marina access road.

I was soaked and cold, so had a hot shower to warm up.  I packed up ready to leave, and also prepared the boat in case there's a really cold snap.  I turned off the water and drained the taps, and also removed the shower mixer bar.  Then I had an early lunch, got the car from the car park, and set off for home.

It was a very damp and dull end to a good few days.  Even just a short break with an unambitious journey is worth every moment.  We've had lots of nice comments about the paintwork and the colour scheme, which is very pleasing.  In case anyone hasn't seen enough, I've uploaded a set of photos to flickr.  We also managed to combine the trip with seeing friends and family, which is always a plus.

5 miles, 0 locks.  (39 miles, 14 locks)


Halfie said...

They sell leccy by length, then? (I know you won't mind, as you point out others' little typos..!)

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Been reading your postings since the paint job and have to say I absolutely love the new livery, she is looking fantastic xxxx