Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Map art

Sometimes it takes a while for a plan to come to fruition.

When we bought Briar Rose, we knew we needed to get a picture of some sort to put up behind the dinette.  The previous owner had taken away a framed piece of needlework which was very precious to him, leaving an outline on the bulkhead.

When we were in Tewkesbury in June we bought an old waterways map for £1 at a second hand bookshop, and this weekend we got round to buying a frame for it.  We've had to fold it to make it fit, but the whole connected system is still on show.

We'll be going up to the boat this weekend, so we'll be able to put it in place.


Captain Ahab said...

Wot no Rochdale, HNC or Droitwich?

Adam said...

There are dotted lines to show where they were -- and it's nice to know that they're there again!

bob said...

Nice idea!