Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tidal Thames photos

I've just received some photos taken by one of my colleagues, Peter, who came down to Limehouse on the day we went out on the Tidal Thames.

Here we are heading into Limehouse Lock, lifejackets on, and a little nervous.

The water is let out by opening the gates slightly.

Once we're at a level with the river, we're free to go -- and already looking rather small in the lock.

When we're out of the lock cut, we make the right turn towards central London.  This required virtually no steering - the tide took us round.

Once we were on the river, Peter jumped on his bike and raced us to Tower Bridge.  As he got there, he could already see us approaching, and went over to the south side by City Hall to take some fantastic photos of us coming through the bridge.


nbchance said...

Really good pictures of Briar Rose, nice that you had someone on the bank to take them, it looks so small! Hope you are both OK. Doug

Anonymous said...

What great photos - its an ambition of mine to take on extra crew and travel on shore to take photos of Indigo Dream on the tideway. Maybe recruiting an army of friends to do it for me would be better :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

Love your pics & the paint job on Briar Rose. We are very impressed!
Thanks to Jandai for having you on their blog list.

Ron & Lu

Detroit, Michigan