Friday, 28 October 2011

October weekend - Day 1

I finished my night shifts this morning, and drove up the M1 to Brinklow Marina, with a brief stop at Tesco on the way.  There was patchy fog on the motorway, and the marina was also shrouded in mist, although the sun was trying its hardest to get through.  Adrian's on a course in London, and will be coming up later.

It was 10am when I arrived, and Briar Rose felt very cold so I immediately lit the fire.  I unloaded the car, unpacked, and got the boat ready for cruising.  By 11am, I was reversing off the pontoon and turning onto the North Oxford Canal towards Rugby.  It was a really lovely morning, sunny but with a nip in the air.  The leaves are turning yellow and red, and it was so still that there were great reflections.

We've travelled this stretch so often that there no longer seems much point in taking photos.  However, the canal was looking lovely today, and there was a view right through Newbold tunnel.

I met my first boat of the day at Newbold, then three in quick succession at Rugby, just where the aqueducts form a couple of narrows.  Just before mid-day, I reached the golf course and moored up on the piling, leaving enough space behind for one more boat.  I had a quick shower and a sandwich, and then heard a boat coming in to moor: it was Doug and James on Chance, arriving for a pre-arranged rendevous.  They came on board for tea and home made ginger biscuits, and a good natter.

Adrian will be getting a train up to Rugby this evening, and will come to Bridge 66 and walk along the tow path.

3.5 miles, 0 locks.


Captain Ahab said...

I was hit by a stray golf ball on that stretch a couple of years ago - no damage, just a boing off the hull. Give our regards to Doug and James. Out attempts to meet up with them again this have proved unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

It's always a dilemma - how to blog familiar cruises and still make it interesting to you and others! I'm glad you put the photos on - there'll never be that particular day or that precise slant of autumn sun ever again!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream