Friday, 17 June 2011

June Cruise - Day Seven

We had our first cooked breakfast of the trip today, then set off at 8.15.  It was just a short distance to Pershore Lock, which is relatively deep at 9ft.  It was against us so needed filling -- there's a ground paddle to use in addition to the gate paddles, and when you see the force of the water from the gate paddles you can understand why the signs say to use the ground paddle first.

There are two bridges at Pershore, one dating from the 14th century the other from 1928, reputed to be the first concrete bridge in Worcestershire.

The next lock is Nafford Lock, which has a very awkward dog-leg approach and a bridge across the chamber which needs to be swung out of the way first.

Eckington Bridge is very old, and many of the stones have worn away.

The final lock is Strensham Lock, then there's a sailing club where one sailor was making the most of the very strong wind, tacking back and forth across the river.  As the promised rain hadn't materialised, we considered changing our minds about not going down to Gloucester.  However, the wind was so strong (and cold) that we thought it unlikely that we'd enjoy the trip down the Severn, and there's the added complication of restricted lockings into Gloucester Docks because of low water levels.

By the time we reached Tewkesbury we were ready to stop for the day, even though it was only lunchtime.  We turned the boat around and moored just upstream of the lock, next to a small park.  The Avon Navigation Trust charges £3 a night.

After lunch we walked into town and went to a second hand book shop mentioned in the Pearson guide, where we bought a 1985 waterways map for £1, which might well work above the dinette.  We continued round the Abbey, and then headed out over the Severn Ham, a huge area of grassland between the Avon and the Severn, where we had a look at the Severn.  The views back to Tewkesbury are great, with lots of rooftops huddled around the Abbey.

The rain has now started, so we're glad we're inside and not on the Severn.

12 miles, 3 locks.  (89 miles, 100 locks)


Anonymous said...

7 more days left for you to enjoy. Tewkesbury is a great spot and I think nearly back to normal after those terrible floods. I remember Kevin and I did a boat test there, it was after the first 'high waters' which had receded and then 3 days later the rains were back and it was all underwater, tragic.

Briar looks good on the water and I am sure you are very proud of her. As someone else mentioned it must be a very different feeling being the owners (instead of shareholders). Looking forward to the next instalment and of course the'Dish of the Day'! Enjoy

Captain Ahab said...

The word on the street is that the Droitwich is opening on the 20th - at least BW say the Barge Canal is, I don't know about the narrow Junction Canal above Droitwich. I will be down there during the first week of opening but maybe you can steal a march on me...

Adam said...

David, more than seven days left -- one of the advantages of ownership is that you don't need to be back at 9am on a Saturday!

Andy, we'd been hoping the whole Droitwich would be open, but we'll be past by then. We'll be in Birmingham in a few days, if you're around to come and say hello.