Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I drove up to Briar Rose after work last night. I thought leaving at 6pm might mean a slow and tortuous journey, but in fact there was very little traffic and no delays. The same could not be said for the M1 southbound, where there were two accidents and long queues.

When I got to the boat I found the inverter/charger control flashing, and the batteries pretty much empty. I'm not sure what had gone wrong, but I turned it off and on again, which seemed to do the trick. It took a while to get the batteries up to a reasonable level, though, and it remains to be seen if they've suffered because of it.

As I was closing up the back of the boat at about 10pm, I took some photos of the Strawberry Moon, which this year coincided with the summer solstice, for the first time since 1967.

This morning was lovely and sunny, and I drove up to Weedon for a boat test. We used the winding hole by Weedon Wharf.

Just as I'd completed the turn, a boat came through the bridge so I waved it past; then two more came through, plus one going the other way. It didn't particularly matter, because by then the clouds had built a bit, and we were waiting for the sun to come out from behind a cloud.

By lunchtime, I was on the road heading home.


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