Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunny Sunday

I came up to the boat after a late shift yesterday, as I have a boat test to do. It was originally planned for today, but has been shifted to tomorrow instead -- which meant I had a spare day on board. I needed some food, so had the choice of spending an hour going by car, or all morning going by boat; naturally I chose to go by boat.

I set off at around 9.30 from the marina, and was glad I was heading towards Cosgrove rather than Stoke Bruerne, as there was a boat moored opposite the marina entrance, right in front of the no mooring sign, which would have made the turn north a bit tricky. It wasn't as sunny or warm as forecast. At Cosgrove Lock, a boat had just gone down, so I had to turn it. I was keeping an eye on possible mooring places, and there were several in Cosgrove and more below the lock.

When I got to Wolverton (having spent most of the journey at tick over because of the number of moored boats), the moorings were completely empty. There was no breeze either, so it was probably the easiest I've ever moored there. I made a quick dash to Tesco, then prepared to set off again heading for the winding hole at New Bradwell. Just before the Grafton Street aqueduct was a heron.

A Wyvern hire boat was close behind me, so I let them pass me before the aqueduct, rather than hold them I while I turned. When I got to the winding hole, a little cruiser was coming the other way, so I was slightly later making the turn into the hole than I would have liked. However, all went well and I was round pretty quickly; a little Sea Otter which had been behind me waited while I turned, and joked that he was able to turn around pretty much anywhere. On the return journey the sun came out. I tried a panoramic photo of the Grafton Street aqueduct.

I carried on across the Wolverton aqueduct, and pulled into a nice sunny mooring between the aqueduct and the lock. This afternoon I've done lots of jobs: I've taken everything off the roof and scrubbed it (although it was too hot, really); I've checked the batteries, and topped up the few cells which needed it; I've checked all the fire extinguishers; I've swept all through the boat and cleaned the shower room.

It's been quite busy, with plenty of boats going past, and lots of people walking, running, and cycling on the towpath. The forecast looks good for tomorrow, too.

5.5 miles, 1 lock.

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