Monday, 6 June 2016

Heyford Fields and sleeping

To Heyford Fields for a boat test this morning. I walked back to the marina to collect the car, and then drove up the A5. The weather was perfect -- I can't actually remember the last time we did a boat test in such nice conditions. We were all done in good time, and I was back at the boat in time for lunch.

I didn't want to leave myself too much boating to do this evening, so I moved the boat up through the lock. As I arrived, a boat was coming down; as I went in, a Wyvern hire boat arrived to share the lock with me; and as we left, another boat turned up to go down. I moored in Cosgrove village, and as my night shifts start tonight I wanted to get some sleep. It wasn't really ideal for sleeping, being very sunny and hot -- so I left the stern doors open to get some air through, and just closed the bedroom doors.

This evening I had dinner, made a phone call to the test boat's owners, and then set off back to the marina. People look at you rather oddly when you untie at 7.15pm, but it's a really lovely time to be boating. It was sunny, warm, and very still. A hot air balloon floated overhead.

The one disadvantage of arriving back at the marina at this sort of time is that there are lots of people about, including our neighbours sitting out on their back deck. So I was glad to make a pretty good spin and entry to our berth. I have a little bit of packing up to do, then in a few minutes I'll be in the car and heading down the M1 to work.

1.5 miles, 1 lock. (7 miles, 2 locks)


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