Friday, 27 May 2016

Pre Crick: Day 6

The moorings at Welford Junction have gone onto our list of favourites -- although to be fair I think there are probably lots of places on the Leicester Summit which are just as nice. It was so quiet, and the birdsong was amazing; this morning we heard a cuckoo.

Bright sunshine this morning, and without that far to go we had a cooked breakfast and set off about 9am. The canal was very quiet, and at one point we saw a small deer walking down the towpath ahead of us. The landscape was dotted with huge windmills, which I think look rather beautiful, and there were birds of all shapes and sizes.

On the way we passed the bloggers, Lillyanne, then at we approached Crick we passed Jubilee, Derwent6, and Blue Rover (highly recommended as a very entertaining new blog).

The water point outside The Moorings restaurant was empty, so we stopped and topped up the tank -- not strictly necessary, but reassuring none the less. Then it was down towards the tunnel to find our mooring. We're in the cutting here, but at least it's a bright day -- and next year I won't leave it until all the zone one moorings are booked before getting my order in.

This afternoon, we wandered over to the show site, mainly to collect tickets which was only partially successful. On the way back we called in to see Mark and Sian on Mochyn Du, which is the boat under test in the current issue of Canal Boat.

11 miles, 0 locks. (52 miles, 23 locks)


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Halfie said...

We must have been on site as you went past - no doubt we'll see you over the weekend.