Monday, 30 May 2016

Crick Show: Day 3

We had a great evening last night, listening to Tom Robinson and chatting to Del and Al from Derwent6, whom I think we haven't seen since Crick last year, and Mark and Sian from Mochyn Du. This morning we walked up to the Co-op in Crick to stock up the fridge and the cupboards a bit, then headed over to the show site. Adrian had a look on a couple of boats, and we talked to lots of people. It was nice to meet Graham of Cherilton Narrowboats, which has a boat as the boat test is the July issue. While I chatted to Tim Tyler, Adrian tested one of the massage couches on a stand opposite.

This afternoon, the winner of the vote for Favourite Boat was announced -- Silver Melody by Boating Leisure Services.

Betty by Oakcraft was second, and Once Bittern by Braidbar Boats was third.

As soon as all that was over, we headed off. Once again we were joined for the trip by my second cousin, Catherine, her husband, Nigel, and their kids, Grace and Matthew -- who were very eager to help wind paddles at Watford Locks.

We'd been fifth in the queue at Watford, but could go straight down, so there was no huge delay. By the top lock there are some plants in pots -- and Matthew heard one of the plants apparently tweeting. Underneath, in the soil, was a nest full of chicks. We later saw a robin going back and forth with food.

We stopped just short of Norton Junction, not wanting to get to the junction and find no spaces. It's been quite a good Crick Show this year -- we haven't got rained on, which is unusual, and although the number of boat builders exhibiting has been down, there were some interesting boats on show. But mostly it's been great catching up with people we rarely see, and making new friends.

4 miles, 7 locks. (56 miles, 30 locks)



nb AmyJo said...

Hi Adam,
Was good to meet again if only fleeting. What a great show Crick is. We do so enjoy it each year and like you love catching up with friends and boaters too.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Adam

Have just been told by Graham of Priscilla II that Aqua's Dolly Blue came third, not Once Bittern.



Adam said...

Bruce, they had the builders of the top three boats come up to the stand, and announced the winners in reverse order. If they've now changed their mind, that would be very odd.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Yes, have just heard from Graham again that Braidbar was declared third at the show. Suggests that the official email is wrong, which could be awkward for CRT if Peter felt litigious!

I await the outcome with interest.