Monday, 23 May 2016

Pre Crick: Day 2

We had a very enjoyable evening with Kathryn last night; we went down to the Navigation for dinner together. Afterwards, feeling rather full, we wandered up to the tunnel entrance, and were surprised by how few boats were moored -- only about seven including us. The other Stoke Bruerne moorings we'd passed during the day, at the Bottom Lock and in the Long Pound, we're all completely empty.

This morning we woke to a much sunnier day than forecast. The view when I opened the stern doors was great.

We set off about 8.30, straight into Blisworth Tunnel, which was chilly and very wet in places. At Gayton Junction we turned right and let the stiff breeze push us onto the water point, where we wanted to top up the tank. On getting out the hosepipe, we found the fitting that screws onto the tap was missing -- and nor could we find the spare. Adrian went next door to Grand Junction Boats, where their little chandlery had the required thing; he bought two (as this isn't the first time we've lost them).

Getting away from the service point against the wind was a little more tricky, but we managed it without too much difficulty. Then it's just the long plod northwards. At one point a pied wagtail hitched a ride for a little way on the pole. He must have been tired from catching insects.

We stopped for diesel at Rugby Boats, then pushed across to the other side for a lunch stop. We could easily have stayed there, but decided to go to the other side of Weedon. The plan was that if the mooring before Dodford Bridge was free we'd stop there, otherwise we'd carry on to the bottom of the locks. We were able to stop at Dodford Bridge. Something is obviously happening in the field alongside: lots of the towpath bushes have been cut down, and lines of little sticks with yellow caps are marking out areas; while we've been here, fence posts have been knocked into the ground by a digger.

There's been no update yet from CRT on the progress with the damaged lock at Buckby, so tomorrow we'll move to the bottom of the locks anyway and hope for the best.

12 miles, 0 locks. (18 miles, 7 locks)


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