Sunday, 19 April 2015

Post blacking cruise: Day 3

Not so sunny today -- in fact, it was pretty chilly when we set off at around 8.15.  Everything looks very spring-like, even so, with the hedges and trees bursting into life.  As we headed back towards the marina, a swan took off up ahead, and flew right over the boat.

In around an hour, we were making the turn into the marina, and then spinning and reversing into our berth.  Fortunately there was no breeze, so it went very smoothly.  Our neighbour in the same space is out (we saw them yesterday), and we have a new neighbour sharing our jetty -- a very long tug called Herbert.

We packed up the boat, topped up the electric metre, and were heading out of the marina gate before 10am.  The drive home was quick too.  The reason for leaving so promptly is that I start my night shifts tonight, and want to have a nap this afternoon.

3 miles, 0 locks.  (13 miles, 7 locks)

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