Friday, 17 April 2015

Post blacking cruise: Day 1

I had a boat test to do this morning at Yelvertoft Marina.  During the test, I heard a boat getting ready to leave, and it turned out to be Yarwood with Lesley and Joe on board.  We managed a brief chat before they headed off towards Foxton.

Once the test was done, I headed to Heyford Fields to drop things off at Briar Rose.  Then it was down to Wolverton Station, where Adrian was waiting having travelled up from London, and then to Thrupp Wharf to park the car.  Adrian had booked a cab, which took us back to Heyford Fields.

The next job was to pay for the work we'd had done, and then we were off.  It was about 4.15 when we reversed off the slipway mooring, and made the turn out of the marina.  As we headed south, there were lots of signs of spring, including fields of oilseed rape.

We boated for about an hour, passing a few moving boats on the way.  We've moored at a spot we've used before, just before Nightingale Bridge.  Surprisingly, there was no-one else here; it's often packed.

The reason we've had to wait so long to get the boat back is because we were waiting for our new loo to be delivered from America.  Our smelly tank has gone, and we've joined the composting club, with an Airhead toilet.  We'll see how we get on with it!

3 miles, 0 locks.


Tom and Jan said...

Boaters...... Always mentioning toilets! :-)

Carol said...

Hi Adam and Adrian, don’t know if you’ve discovered yet that there is a global shortage of cocoa shell (according to Richard at Hillmorton) we’ve had no joy at all trying to obtain supplies, the shells are now being purchased by large companies (possible for food production) and most garden centres don’t stock them either. Richard had supplied us with hemp (or flax, George can’t remember which he went for in the end!) It comes in 750gm bags and should do 3 refills per bag at £3 each plus postage. It looks like tiny wood shavings but we’ve not used them yet so just hope that they do the job!!