Friday, 5 September 2014

Paddington neighbours

We were woken at about 7 this morning by a loud and continuous noise from outside.  It turned out to be someone with a leaf blower, clearing the area near the M&S building.  I can't imagine there were that many leaves, but it took an hour to get rid of them.

We also have quite noisy neighbours: a family of coots.  There are three very demanding young -- although they're very nearly as big as the adults, just without their adult feathers.

The family's nest is under the walkway on the other side of the basin, just across from our bow, tucked into one of the supports.  A closer look shows that it's made mostly of old plastic bags.

Adrian went off this morning to a series of meetings, and I left for work a bit later.  This will be out last night at Paddington; tomorrow, we move.

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