Monday, 15 September 2014

Home Counties Cruise: Day 10

At not long after 7 this morning, boats started to move down to the lock to get the tide down to Brentford and Limehouse.  By the time we were having breakfast, many of the classic boats we'd seen at St Katharine's Dock yesterday arrived on the morning tide.

It was gone 9 before we set off, and we moored up not long after on the John Lewis moorings at Kingston, for a quick visit to Waitrose.  We also started a wash load.  At Molesey Lock, a rather large boat joined us in the lock.

Above the lock is Dave Gilmour's floating recording studio.  A man was giving it a bit of a wash.

We waited ages for Sunbury Lock.  The main lock is closed for work, so they're using the smaller, manually operated lock instead.  A little way above is the new Walton Bridge.

Just before Shepperton Lock we turned left for the River Wey.  The actual entrance to the river looks impossibly small.

We'd arrived on the dot of 2pm.  A widebeam was waiting outside the start of the navigation, but the lock keeper waved us through first.  You have to go into a pound below the first lock, so the water level can be raised to give us clearance over the cill.  When there was enough depth, we were called into Thames Lock.

We bought a three day licence (which as it was past 2pm lasts until Thursday), and we set off.  There are some nice houses alongside the river.  These two are radically different next door neighbours.

The entrance to the next lock at Weybridge is through a bridge with a very tight turn.  At Coxes Lock there's a huge converted mill alongside, and a very strong by wash.

New Haw Lock was our last of the day.  Then we went under the M25.

Immediately afterwards is Woodham Junction, where the Basingstoke Canal goes off.  It's part of the navigation I see frequently from the train, when I go to work from Guildford Station.

We've moored up by the Anchor at Pyrford, as we're meeting Nigel and Alison, who used to be co-owners of Debdale with us.

15 miles, 6 locks.  (121 miles, 83 locks.)

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Halfie said...

I saw Debdale recently - I think it was at Rugeley.