Saturday, 13 September 2014

Home Counties Cruise: Day 8

 There was a misty start to the morning.  We started off a wash load while we had breakfast, and set off once the water heating part of the cycle had finished at around 8.15.  I walked down and set the lock.

This is the most industrialised and urban part of the Lee.  The locks come fairly regularly, with some being powered and others needing a windlass.  We finally managed to get rid of rubbish at Stonebridge lock, where there are bins nearby.  Then we stopped at Springfield Marina at Tottenham, to top up the diesel; it's best to have the tank full for the tidal Thames, so it doesn't slosh about too much and bring up debris from the bottom of the tank.  We needed just 44 litres, which was just as well because they do only a 60/40 split, with a price of £1.13 a litre (tax included)

As we went through Clapton, there was a big lump of foam bubbles floating along, and further ahead I could see foam drifting into the sky, at a point where water was being pumped into the river.  Looking at the weir alongside, it looked like a bubble bath, with massive amounts of foam filling the whole area.  It looked as though someone had emptied a whole pack of washing power into the weir.

We passed the end of the Hertford Union canal, from where we emerged on Monday.  Approaching Old Ford Lock, there's a lot of landscaping work going on alongside the towpath.  There's also a great view of the Olympic Stadium.

Once down the lock, we tied up at Three Mills and I went to Tesco just across the river to stock up.  It's really not far, so it's easy to carry heavy stuff.

Setting off again, we travelled down to the Limehouse Cut and into the basin.  It's quite busy here, but we've tied up on the wall fairly near the lock.  There's a great view from the side hatch.

We've been over to the lock keeper's office to confirm our booking for tomorrow afternoon; Adrian had got the anchor out of storage and had spliced a rope onto the chain; and I've been down the weedhatch to chech the prop is clear -- there was a bit of weed wrapped round it, plus some bits of plastic.  The VHF radio is charged up, and I've been reminding myself of what calls I need to make, especially if anything goes wrong.  A chap moored just behind who hasn't got a VHF licence has asked if he can follow us, and has also booked to go out of the lock tomorrow.

14 miles, 8 locks.  (86 miles, 75 locks)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
Hope you have a good trip up the Tidal Thames tomorrow. Can't believe you did not have a go on the white water rafting!!
Bob June and jimmy