Friday, 8 August 2014

London-bound: Day 8

So much for the forecast heavy thundery rain.  We've had one shower, which lasted about two minutes, and just about made the roof wet.

We were awake early, possibly because of the joggers pounding past at 6am, and seeing that the rain was now due to come through this afternoon rather than in the morning, we decided to get going.  Consequently we set off at 7.15.  Cassio Bridge Lock was the first of the day, and has the Metropolitan Line just beyond.

A couple of hours later we were at Rickmansworth, and moored outside Tesco.  We were the only boat there, so this time could stop on the bit without the fence.  We did a shop, and set off again in increasingly sunny conditions.

Below Springwell Lock there are some lovely houses, including one with a huge glass extension, and one where the owner was mowing diagonal stripes on his immaculate lawn.  It's just a pity they're right opposite the sewage works.

While we waited for Widewater Lock to fill I sent a text to Bob and June from Autumn Myst, to see where they were.  It turned out they were only about a mile away, so when we got there we stopped and had an hour's chat over tea and cake.  It was great to see them, and meet their latest guide dog puppy, Jimmy.

We continued through the miles of moored boats at Uxbridge.  At our last lock of the day, and the last on this bit of the journey, Cowley Lock, there were a couple of volunteer lock keepers, who'd apparently had quite a busy day.  Plenty more boats have come down while we've been here.

We squeezed into a space on the moorings immediately below the lock.  It's a solid towpath with a concrete edge, but there are stupidly few mooring rings.  We've had to 'reverse moor', with the ropes coming back towards the centre of the boat.  The little boat which was behind us has gone, but has been replaced by another.

12 miles, 12 locks.  (70 miles, 102 locks)

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