Friday, 1 August 2014

London-bound: Day 1

Adrian particularly has been working all hours recently, so with the conclusion of the project he's been working on we've managed to grab an extra week on board -- which we're using as a preliminary to our September cruise.

But today was actually quite busy before we set off.  Adrian was at the end of a two week stint in London, and was working until lunchtime.  He then got a train to Milton Keynes, and a taxi to the marina.

I had a boat test to do, so it was an early morning drive to Caen Hill Marina.  Ian was a last minute substitute photographer today, and fortunately we both arrived ahead of schedule.  Fortunate because at that time the sky had bits of blue showing and the sun was strong enough to make shadows.  We set off to do the external shots of the boat as soon as we could, and it was just as well because not long after we were back at the marina there was a downpour.

During our short trip, we passed two CRT guys near a bridge.  One was in a small boat with a chainsaw, cutting back the offside vegetation.  However, when he got off, the boat drifted out into the middle of the cut, and neither he nor the other guy could reach it.  Eventually, the offside chap threw the oar over the canal to his mate, and as we passed, I shoved the little boat towards him.  He was last seen pulling it in with the oar.

The boat test was done by lunchtime, and I set off onwhat should have been a two hour journey to the marina.  It took three hours (although Ian's journey home was far worse).  Having unloaded the car, we set off straight away, and did the familiar run down to Cosgrove lock, across the aqueduct, and on to Wolverton.  It was surprisingly sunny, and still very warm.  We did a trip to Tesco to stock up with food, and will stay here tonight.  Tomorrow looks as though we might get wet.

3 miles, 1 lock.

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