Sunday, 13 October 2013

Birthday Weekend - Day 3

It was raining last night when we walked up the road to the Walnut Tree Inn, but it takes only about five minutes to get there from the moorings by Bridge 49.  We ate in the restaurant part, and the food was excellent.  We had a baked camembert to share as a starter, then Adrian had a ribeye steak from a local Northamptonshire farm, while I had liver which could possibly have come from the same animal.  Even with a bottle of wine, the bill was quite reasonable.

It was raining harder when we walked back to the boat, and it continued on and off all night.  It was raining when we set off at around 8.30 this morning.  By comparison, Blisworth Tunnel seemed quite warm and dry.  We passed one boat in the tunnel, which did the sensible thing and kept going; neither of us touched the wall or each other.

At Stoke Bruerne we went down two locks to the long pound and moored up, before walking back up to Kathryn's house -- one of the cottages by the museum.  We looked like a pair of drowned rats, and then piled our wet coats etc on her living room floor (she insisted that the tiles with under floor heating would be able to cope!).  She's done a remarkable job in rennovating the cottage, which is four floors with just one room on each floor.  We were also treated to tea and scones, and were joined by Mike who runs the trip boat, Charlie.

Setting off again after a very enjoyable hour or so in Kathryn's company, we had to turn the first lock as a boat had just gone down, but they waited for us and we flew down the final four locks.  It was pretty wet and miserable all the way.

We had a cup of soup to warm us up after the locks, then moored up again just before Bridge 57 for our second social event of the day:  a couple of hours with Kath and Neil on Herbie.  I think the Crick Show was the last time we saw them, so there was a bit of catching up to do.  While we were there, the rain cleared and the sun came out, so that when we set off again it looked like a completely different day.

But there was still rain about.  A very bright rainbow crossed the sky, and at times you could see the whole arc.

Neil and Kath had also considered making the most of the clear weather to move down to Cosgrove, so when we were moored up in the marina, it was no surprise to see them boating past.

We decided that we'd probably have a better journey home if we went a bit later, so we'll have an early dinner on board and then head off.  It's been a really good weekend:  yesterday was a very enjoyable day's boating and last night's meal was excellent; and we've caught up with old and new friends along the way.  What's more, even just a couple of days on board feels like a decent break.

8.5 miles, 7 locks.  (27 miles, 16 locks)


Leo No2 said...

Adam and Adrian - it was lovely to meet you both. Thank you for taking the time on such an inclement day to pay me a visit. The floor did exactly what I thought it would - it was clean and dry before you would have returned to Briar Rose . I hope to see you both again before too long.

Neil Corbett said...

I noticed that lovely blue sky with the white clouds too, but unlike you I didn't get round to taking the picture. Wee done.

Lovely to see you both. Thanks for dropping by.

Neil (& Kath)

Bruce in Sanity said...


Belated happy birthday to Adrian: sorry it's late, blame the lodge!

I hope your liver wasn't from the same beast; liver should be eaten within days of butchery, whereas Adrian's steak was hopefully hung for several weeks.

Btw, how many n's in renovating?


All the best


Leo No2 said...

Adam and Adrian. I found out a bit more about Saturday's fishermen on SB flight this morning. It was something arranged by the Navigation to raise funds for MacMillan cancer care. They didn't realise the effect it would have on the boaters. Someone from the canal partnership is going to have a quiet word so it won't happen again.