Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A long day's night

It's been a long few days.  When the clocks changed in the early hours of Sunday, I was working a night shift -- which was consequently an hour longer than usual.  At the end of the next shift, on Monday morning, there were no trains home because of the storm, so I spent the day in a hotel, trying to sleep.  This morning, at the end of my third shift, the trains were running, but barely, and it took ages to get home.

I had a discussion with Andy the photographer about tomorrow's weather forecast, and we've decided to go ahead with the planned boat test.  So early this afternoon I got in the car to head up here to the boat.  Because of the clock change, it wasn't far off dark when I got here.  The boat fest very cold, so I got the fire going and put the Eberspacher on for some hot water (and even turned a couple of radiators on).

Having been up for 24 hours, I'll be in bed very soon.


Neil Corbett said...

You dope, we were in Paddington Basin, we would have offered you a bed! We were expecting Claire and the children but they couldn't make it - cos of the trains being cancelled!!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Adam said...

Kath, I hadn't forgotten you -- and if work hadn't offered to put me up in a hotel I'd have been knocking on your roof!