Sunday, 6 October 2013

A mile

The alarm went off at 4.30 (even though I'd been laying awake waiting for it) and shortly afterwards the marina was echoing to the sound of our shower pump.  It's rather noisy at the best of times, but I feel particularly guilty when it's used at that time of the morning.  There's no boat on the other side of our pontoon at the moment (it's gone off to ABNB to be sold), so when the time came to walk to the car, I made sure I stayed very close to Briar Rose!  The journey was fine, and I was at work on time at 6.30.

I got away just after 3pm, and drove back up to the marina.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon and a warm 20 Celsius, so I decided a short cruise was in order -- not too far as I have a boat test tomorrow morning, so I'll need to be back in time to drive there.  I turned right out of the marina (noting that Jubilee wasn't in her berth), and headed for Cosgrove, where the moorings turned out to be verging on empty.  I went down to the lock and did an efficient turn just above it -- just as well as there was a boat coming up who were just about ready to open the gate as I arrived, and I didn't want to hold em up.  I retraced my steps as far as a mooring opposite the permanent moorers.  Once tied up, I did checked all the batteries, and topped up as necessary.

1 mile, 0 locks.

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Halfie said...

Ally and Ben have moved Jubilee down to Wolverton for a bit to be nearer the house (and work). I expect Jubilee will be "home" again in a couple of weeks.