Monday, 10 June 2013

June weekend - Day 3

This was our mooring last night, just on the edge of the winding hole at Old Linslade.  It's a nice mooring.  The trains are behind a small hill; the only problem is the car going over the narrow bridge just behind us, who all hoot their horns, so it's quite noisy at times.  The hooting seems to be instead of slowing down!

This morning was cloudy and chilly.  We set off about 8.10, and were soon at the Three Locks at Soulbury.  The top one was half full, the middle one empty, and the bottom one full.

At Stoke Hammond lock, we were just leaving when another boat arrived at the top.  They'd caught us up by Fenny Stratford lock, and it turned out to be Best O' Mates, whom we'd met a few weeks ago at Marsworth.

Through Milton Keynes, I spotted a swan walking its young along a street.

Then we came up behind an unusual boat going very slowly.  It appeared to be because the helmsman couldn't actually see anything, and was taking left-right instructions from a man at the bow.  We got past them on a wide bit.

We had lunch on the move, then as the afternoon wore on the sun decided to come out and at time it was really quite warm.  We went up Cosgrove lock, and as it was only 3pm decided to moor up, do a few jobs, and enjoy the sunshine for a bit.  We'd seen some people preparing their inflatable boat above the lock, and they came past, shortly afterwards.  They assured us they weren't going to sink.

There have been loads of boats past, many of them wanting to get on the water point just behind us.  One was a Clifton Cruisers hire boat who waited in the channel for a boat to leave, then got a bit stuck.  A man who was already there gave them a hand -- and ended up getting pulled into the water!  If it had been me, I'd have let go of the rope.  Adrian went to assist.

We had an early dinner before traveling the short distance to the marina.  We've packed up, and will be heading home shortly.

18 miles, 6 locks.  (36 miles, 12 locks)

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