Saturday, 8 June 2013

June weekend - Day 1

With a weekend off and a good weather forecast, we decided the other day that we'd have a weekend on board.  I shopped this morning, then met Adrian at his office at 4pm.  The journey was surprisingly OK - we made the right decision to go through Bicester, because the M40 was at a standstill.

Unpacking the car took just a few minutes, and we were on the move at 6.40, heading out of the marina towards Cosgrove.  We're coming this way partly because the Russell Newbery rally is at Stoke Bruerne this weekend, so it's likely to be very busy up there.

It was busy with moored boats towards Cosgrove, although there was plenty of room in the village itself.  We headed for the lock, though, and Adrian jumped off at the narrows to work it.   It was full, so just needed a gate opening.

Below the lock the moorings looked busy, but in fact the was a space that was plenty big enough.  We've had a moussaka for dinner that I cooked this afternoon at home, and none we can just hear the birds singing and the occasional fish jumping out of the water.

1.5 miles, 1 lock.

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