Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chance on the Thames

Yesterday lunchtime I managed to persuade a colleague to switch the time of my break, so I could head down to the Thames to see Doug and James on Chance doing the tidal stretch.  I knew what time they were locking out of Limehouse, so I headed for Westminster Bridge.  I first spotted the familiar blue right back at Waterloo Bridge, looking little more than a speck in the distance.  Here they are coming through Hungerford Bridge.

The other narrowboat on the trip is just behind.  But look at what's coming through the next span across!

Getting closer, but still looking pretty small.

Passing the London Eye.

 The crew look pretty cheerful, if though it was a breezy day, and the river was a bit choppy.

Chance was really shifting.  I barely had time to cross to the other side of the bridge before they were on their way past St Thomas' Hospital on one side and Parliament on the other.

 Then disappearing off into the distance, heading for Lambeth Bridge.

It was almost as exciting watching from the bridge as it was doing the trip on Briar Rose nearly two years ago!


nb Chance said...

Hi Adam, Thanks again for coming down to get some great pictures in your lunch hour! We do look small from your view, its so different from the bankside to how you see it from the boat.... Thanks again and see you soon, and thanks for the emailed pictures. Doug and James

Unknown said...

We thought it was exciting watching them go by too. My heart was pounding! Pity it didn't eventuate for us to go along on our boat but we're a bit chicken.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Great pictures Adam--you really caught the momentum and the feel of the boat making its way up the Thames.
:) Jaq