Tuesday, 23 August 2011


The latest items we've bought for our Thames trip next month have just arrived: a pair of automatically inflating life jackets.  Briar Rose already had two life jackets on board, but they're the foam type and rather bulky.  Also, some friends are joining us for that part of the cruise so we needed a couple more.


Anonymous said...

I may have asked you this already - are you joining the Thames convoy for the Lord Mayor's parade (long story) on 9th/10th September?

All good fun - get in touch with Andrew Phasey of St Pancras Crusing club if you're likely to be int he area then.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Adam said...

Hi Sue

No, we don't set off until that weekend, and won't get to London until the following weekend.

Nicholas said...

I came up from Limehouse to Teddington a few weeks ago ... absolutely brilliant experience I look forward to reading about your trip!... enjoy!

Yvonne said...

Hi, we've got the same life jackets (mine's pink) and having worn them all the time on the river Severn I can tell you they're extremely comfortable, you actually forget you're wearing them after a while.
best wishes Yvonne

Adam said...

Hi Yvonne, that's good to know. I was all for getting blue ones, but we thought the red wound stand out more if you did end up in the water. I didn't realise they were available in pink!