Sunday, 21 August 2011

Going Nowhere

I arrived back at Briar Rose from work at around 11.30 last night, and went straight to bed.  This morning, we had a relaxed start to the day, just pottering around doing very little.  We filled the water tank, which took much longer than expected; it seems we didn't fill up after our weekend trip earlier in the month.

I had to leave for work again at 11.15.  The commute from Brinklow is further than the one from home, but takes no longer -- even with the 20 mile stretch of the M1 that's got a 50mph limit.  Adrian thought about going for a little trip on the boat on his own, but decided against it.  He had to leave late afternoon for London, ready for work tomorrow.

Our next visit will probably be for the start of our three week trip next month.  We've planned a route, and are now planning a contingency.  The water levels on the South Oxford are low, and there are restrictions on the locks up to each end of the summit pound.  Someone has posted some photos on the Canal World Forum, taken by a BW manager, showing the state of the reservoirs which serve the Leicester Line and the South Oxford: it's easy to understand why there are problems.

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