Sunday, 7 August 2011

Early August Weekend - Day 3

The Hartshill moorings are really very nice, and we woke to a sunny morning without a cloud in the sky -- not a bit like the forecast.  It was quite breezy, though, and a bit chilly at first.  As it was Sunday, we treated ourselves to a cooked breakfast, and set off at just before quarter to nine.

It was a fairly uneventful run through to Hawkesbury Junction, with a reasonable amount of traffic coming the other way, but we tended to meet the boats in open sections rather than at blind bridge holes, which makes a change.  An old working boat passed us with an umbrella set up in the hold.  Closer inspection revealed that this was providing shade for their rabbits.

At Hawkesbury, Adrian did another good turn round the junction while I prepared the lock.  We stopped for lunch past Bridge 4, quite close to the M6, so there was a constant roar of traffic, but pleasant enough.

This afternoon, we've had a mixture of warm sunshine and light showers, so the jackets have been on and off numerous times.  The canal towards Stretton Stop runs on an embankment with the railway on another embankment alongside.

At Stretton Stop, Adrian got off to open the little swing bridge, and we left it for the boat just behind us to close.  We turned into the marina to a typically windy situation, with waves being whipped up on the water.  It took quite a lot of power to get us onto the pontoon, but we managed it without hitting anything and we soon tied up.  One of the harbour masters came along offering cup cakes, which he's given regularly by one of the other moorers.

We'll pack, have something to eat, and then head home ready for work tomorrow.

18 miles, 1 lock.  (44 miles, 2 locks)

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