Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June planning

Our first big trip on Briar Rose starts on Saturday.  The aim is to do the Avon Ring, as last time we tried the river was in flood so we got nor further than Bancroft Basin on the Stratford Canal.  However, to get onto the ring we need to go down the Stockton flight, through Leamington Spa and Warwick and up the Hatton flight.  And rather than doing all that again on the way back, we'll go into Birmingham and return via Fazeley and Atherstone.  It means we'll miss out a small section of the ring, between Kings Norton Junction and Kingswood Junction, but we have done that section several times before.  So what we've ended up with is a combined ring taking in most of the Avon Ring and most of the Warwickshire Ring too, a mere 184 miles and 213 locks.

The map is a relatively new feature on CanalPlanAC, the fantastic planning website.  It's great to be able to see the whole route so clearly.  Ignore the overnight stops, though.  CanalPlan has never been great at suggesting mooring places, as they're worked out purely on timings and don't take into account that you can't moor half way up the Farmer's Bridge Flight, for example.


Captain Ahab said...

But those projected overnight stops help you ensure you are on the pace to finish on time

Nicholas said...

I find the overnight stops feature really useful ... as a mere hire boater it lets me know whether I am on schedule or not. But I do agree I never actually moor where they suggest as you would end up in some very odd places!

David O said...

Looks like an interesting tour so I hope this great Spring (summer) weather holds out for you....enjoy.

Adrian said...

Is it scared of the Thames?
I tried to recreate my journey to Little Venice festival from the Stort to Limehouse to Brentford.

A wrgie that often reads Bruce on Sanity Again's blog and took a look at your interesting blog

Adam said...

Adrian, I think the default settings do not include tidal waters. You'd have to go into settings and allow the Tidal Thames to be included.