Monday, 20 June 2011

June Cruise - Day Ten

Today has been a fantastic day of boating.  We woke up early and found the sun splitting the sky, without a cloud to be seen.  So, knowing we had a lot of work to do, we got up and were under way at 7.10, straight into the six Astwood Locks.  A boat had gone up at 8 o'clock last night, but most of them had drained overnight.  We completed the flight in about 50 minutes.

There's then a gap of a mile or so until the six Stoke Locks.  Halfway up this flight we were joined by the cavalry, in the shape of Lesley and Joe from Caxton who'd come to give us a hand.

Their help was extremely welcome, as the next flight, Tardebigge, is the longest in the country, with thirty locks.  We got into an excellent routine so that someone always went ahead to set the next lock, yet still managed to catch up with all Lesley and Joe's news.  About a third of the way up we started meeting boats coming down, which also helped us.

With great company and glorious sunny weather, it was a joy to work the flight and we got to the moorings below the top lock at 12.15 -- a fantastic time for so many locks.  We had lunch on the well deck before Lesley and Joe left to walk back down the flight to their car.

As it was still early and it seemed a waste not to make the most of the weather, we carried on up the top lock -- at 14 feet the deepest narrow lock on the system.

We stopped for water, then carried on through the Tardebigge Tunnel and the Shortwood Tunnel, mooring up for the night at Alvechurch.  The moorings here are on a bend, so the bow is sticking out a bit, but it's a very pleasant spot.  What's more, Adrian had his most successful attempt yet at lining up the satellite dish: it worked on his very first effort!

9 miles, 42 locks.  (124 miles, 160 locks)


Nb Caxton said...

Glad we were of use, a first I believe..., lovely to see you both and Briar Rose of course. Take care and see you soon we hope.
Lesley and Himself

Nicholas said...

I am really enjoying reading about your cruise and also the recent purchase of NB Briar Rose. As for the deepest lock Pennine Waterways web site
says it is Vinegar lock 10 on the Ashton canal at 13'10" and that Tardibigge top is only 11'7" which would make it about 27th deepest narrow lock! .. I wonder who is right .... I have done both and they both seem pretty deep to me!
Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
Nick Ferrar

Adam said...

Hi Nick, I should know better than to say something is the deepest/longest/shortest etc! It was the boaters guide downloaded from Waterscape which gave the info about the lock being the deepest -- and if they're right about it being 14ft then it probably is. But who knows whether it really is 14ft or not...