Thursday, 26 March 2020


Another beautifully sunny day.  We packed up this morning and loaded the car, taking far more off the boat than usual.  We had quite a lot of fresh food on board as we hadn’t been expecting to end the trip so soon, and we raided the can cupboard, taking home lots of staples so we don’t need to try to find them in shops.  We left just after 9, and with the roads being very quiet had a good drive home.  We noticed, though, that the roadworks on the M6 were still being worked on, with apparently no rules on social distancing being observed; if it turns out that transmission rather among construction workers are high, we’ll know why.

It’s been an unusual trip — much shorter than planned, without reaching any of the places we’d planned, and ending in a completely different place from where we’d planned.  With lots of discussions and agonising about what to do and when to turn back, it also hasn’t been as relaxed as usual.  But we have seen a few miles of new waters, and we’ve had some fantastic days of boating in pretty good weather.

When we’ll get back to the boat is anyone’s guess.  It would be nice to think that at some point we’ll be able to make the most of its temporary northern home.


Iain J said...

I’ve enjoyed following you but glad that you can now stay home - I assume Adam can work from home as some R4 people have.

Jennie said...

I am also glad to see you are safely home. We had stocked our boat with cans, toilet paper etc for our 2020 cruise season, so like you we have raided that rather than buying more. Take care.

NB Holderness said...

Hi Both, It will have all worked out for the best as when we return canal travel you will have the privilege of having a good look around the delightful northern canals, where the folk aren't, and often the water isn't either! Some great treats await you, and you never know we may bump into you too.

Cheers for now, Tony and Helen