Friday, 26 July 2019

Swanley Bridge Marina

A fairly early alarm this morning, then I walked through the Horse Tunnel under the canal to my car, and set off to meet Andy the photographer for a boat test.  It was at Swanley Bridge Marina on the Llangollen — a new boat test location for us.

Ever since we set up this test several weeks ago, the forecast has been good.  Indeed, it was even good today — but the actual weather had other ideas, with some fairly solid cloud.  Even so we got everything done.  There’s no cafe at Swanley Bridge, so we drove five minutes to the Nantwich Canal Centre and had lunch at the cafe there, and also caught up with Bill and Sheila who own the centre.

The drive back down the M6, M42, and M40 seemed rather long, with several slow bits.  Andy dropped me back at my car in Bicester; I drove back to the marina and walked down to Cosgrove.  I had dinner, then just as I was about to set off back to the marina it started to rain.  Fortunately it was on and off, and I didn’t get very wet.  I blasted down to the winding hole above the lock, and someone on the trip boat told me I was going the wrong way — until he realised I was turning.  The turn itself was very efficient, helped, I suspect, by the back pumping.  A boat which was now behind me commented that I’d obviously done that before!  When I got back to the marina, I did another very efficient spin and reverse into our berth, not even touching the sides.  The Navigation Inn is very busy and noisy this evening, so I hope it quietens down soon as I have to go to work early in the morning.

1 mile, 0 locks.  (2 miles, 0 locks)

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