Monday, 28 May 2018

Spring Cruise: Day 11 (Day 3 of the Crick Show)

A murky start to the day but the sun came out late.  We had another walk round the show in the morning, went to look at a brand new Braidbar which was moored a few behind us on the towpath, and walked to the Co-op for some top up supplies.  After lunch on board we turned the boat around in the marina entrance, ready for the off.  At 3pm the winner of the Favourite Boat vote was announced. Boating Leisure Services were third, Smithwood were second, and Braidbar came top.

In the widebeam category, Burscough Boats were the winners, with Aqualine second and Elton Moss third.  We set off at 3.15 accompanies by Catherine, Nigel, Grace and Matthew, and reached the top of Watford Locks at just after 4.  We’d passed several boats going the other way, which suggested there had recently been an uphill convoy; we were sixth in the queue to go down, but the first one was on its way, so it was less than an hour before we could set off.

At the bottom of the locks we carried on to Norton Junction.  There was no space for us, so Nigel got off to go to the fish and chip shop while the rest of us worked down the top Buckby lock.  It turned out both local chip shops were shut, so we switched cuisine to Chinese.  Matthew steered us out of the lock and along to a mooring in the long pound.

5 miles, 8 locks. (79 miles, 49 locks)

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