Sunday, 27 May 2018

Spring Cruise: Day 10 (Day 2 of the Crick Show)

There was an enormous thunder storm during the night, although Adrian slept through it.  I was up early, and started to write my mini boat reviews.  I’d done quite a few by the time the show opened, when we went over to have a look round and spend some money, most notably on some Craftmaster paint for the handrails.  In spite of the forecast being thunder storms all day, it was actually sunny and warm.

We went back to the boat and had lunch on board, and I wrote some more while Adrian had an afternoon nap.  By about 3pm I had pretty much done all I could, so we decided to go back over to the show for an ice cream.  Later in the afternoon it appeared there was weather on the way, and the site seemed to clear of people.  We had a chat with Tim Tyler, and then bumped into Amanda and David, the boat sharers of What a Lark.  After talking for a bit they came back to Briar Rose and we ended up demolishing a couple of bottles of wine (just bitter lemon for Amanda) over the next couple of hours as we chatted and experienced torrential downpours, thunder and lightening.  When the weather appeared to be clearing up, we headed back over to the show site as Amanda and David were going back to their car, while we had something to eat and watched the ABBA tribute band, ABBA Revival, who were excellent.  They started with Waterloo and ended with Dancing Queen, and of course we knew every song in between.

The marquee was a sea of mud, with the afternoon’s downpours having caused havoc on the site.

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