Wednesday, 13 September 2017

North West Passage: Day 19

We certainly got bashed about last night as Storm Aileen hit. We're moored at the end of a very large expanse of water, and during the night when the winds were at their strongest the waves were hitting the side of the boat, the ropes were creaking, and it was difficult to sleep. It hasn't been much better all day, to be honest, and the promises of the wind dying down haven't come true yet. This was from the galley window this morning.

This morning we went over to Media City UK to meet my Radio 2 and 5live colleague Orna, who does the travel news. She gave us a tour of Quay House and we had tea in the staff cafe on the top floor, overlooking the Coronation Street set which is across the Ship Canal. Then we went to the Imperial War Museum North, spending a couple of hours going round the main exhibition and having lunch. It's a very striking building.

There are some impressive bridges across he Ship Canal. The one by the BBC is a swing bridge.

The other, by the Lowry, is a lift bridge. We assume they do actually swing and lift these bridges occasionally -- maybe when the trip boat comes up from Liverpool.

Adrian dropped his phone yesterday and broke the screen, so while he waited for a mobile repair man to arrive, I walked to the very upmarket Booths supermarket to get some fresh food. On the way back I went to find the Blue Peter garden, complete with the bust of Petra which was moved from Television Centre.

The wind down the dock has brought an incredible amount of rubbish down, and it's all collected in the corner opposite where we're moored. It includes wheels and a gas bottle which we watched making remarkably quick progress down the water.

Tomorrow will be another early start, as we have a booking to go back up Pomona Lock, onto smaller waterways again.

0 miles, 0 locks. (214 miles, 131 locks)

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KevinTOO said...

Hi Adam/Adrian,
I was fortunate to see both bridges being operated a few years ago when I went to the Media Centre and yes it was for MV Daffodil :)
Hope the wind stops blowing soon!