Monday, 11 September 2017

North West Passage: Day 17

September has really let us down weatherwise this year. The forecast for today wasn't great, so I was keen to get underway pretty early; we set off at 7.45. The long level run into Manchester isn't the most interesting, and long lines of moored boats make it really quite tedious at times. In addition there were frequent showers, some of them extremely heavy (so not many photos were taken). The old Linotype Works in Broadheath has has most of its surrounding buildings demolished, and the area is now a building site.

Having turned right at Waters Meeting, we passed Old Trafford.

The water level in the canal seemed exceptionally high -- it was almost over the towpath in some places. At Pomona Lock, which leads down onto the Ship Canal, they had the top paddles up and the bottom gates open, to drain some water off. At this point the weather was at its worst, with absolutely torrential rain; it felt as it it wasn't just falling, but being thrown. When we got to Castlefield, a boater told us they'd had trouble turning at the end because of the water flowing into the canal. There was certainly a significant flow down the basin, and after some messing about we ended up mooring facing the way we'd arrived.

We've been for a walk into town, Adrian has had his hair cut, and I've bought some new waterproof over trousers, as it's become clear that my old ones weren't that waterproof any more and as the elastic had gone, they needed a bulldog clip to keep them up! As it's so close and the weather is questionable, we've also been to the cinema.

20 miles, 0 locks. (210 miles, 130 locks)

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